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Is the Blue Blazer Timeless or Tasteless?

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We are about to play a little game called Alpha M. Trivia! What is the difference between a blazer and a sport coat? Easy, no? Time is up! Not as easy as you thought! Here's the deal, don't feel badly. Most guys use the terms blazer and sport coat wrong all the time. You are going to know the difference as of now.

A blazer has two distinct features: metal buttons and solid fabric. You think you got it? Check out the pictures and see if you can identify blazer versus sport coat. The fabric is also heavier because they are to be worn outdoors and in the weather.

Blazers are synonymous with groups and clubs. Someone came up with a red jacket with metal buttons. People saw them and said the jackets were *blazing!* Thus, the name blazer originated. Now every jacket with solid fabric and metal buttons are 'blazers'.

Most of the time you'll see older gentlemen wearing blazers. They pair with khakis, slacks, and jeans. Matching and coordinating with a blazer since it's a solid color is easy as well. As far as the buttons, you can still get the versatility of a blue jacket when you buy a navy blue suit. It makes more sense to invest a little more money to purchase a suit.

Know you know the difference between a blazer and sport coat. If you want to invest in one, think of versatility. Consider the navy suit which you can break up or wear as a set. Plus the navy jacket matches with just about everything.

Pete and Pedro

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