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Bicep and Tricep Superset | Guns! Pipes! Pythons!

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Guns! Pipes! Pythons! Want to blast both the biceps and the triceps? Here ya go! You need a flat bench, a bar, and some dumbbells.  Remember that It's all about control and good form.

Lighten your weight and tighten-up your form for your muscles to react and to have incredible workouts. Aaron Marino of alpha m. demonstrates the superset (repeat 4 times):

  1. Start with a skull crusher on the bench. Lighten weight if you can't perform good form. Go for 12 -15 reps
  2. Sit up and grab dumbbells for twisting double bicep curls. With a pause at the top, go for 12 -15 reps
  3. When you're done, spin into tricep dips keeping body close to the bench. Shoot for 20
  4. Sit and scoot to end of bench for double hammer curls with a pause at the top. 10 -12 reps.
Pete and Pedro

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