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Bicep Blasting with 21s | Biceps Workout

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. is all about the biceps: pipes, pythons, guns! We're working them! It's going to get freaky up in here because this is an insane workout! 21 reps gets those biceps to respond.This exercise is advanced, incredibly challenging.

Use a preset bar, which Aaron is using 40 pounds. Don't go super heavy or super light. Shoulder width apart with elbows pinned to the side. You're keeping the tension on the muscle the whole time. You will be doing 21 reps per set with about a 30 -60 second rest between sets. Proceed through the series three times as follows:

Set One

  1. Half down - slowly and not rotating for 7 reps
  2. Half up - slowly and not rotating for 7 reps
  3. Full ROM - slowly with good form for 7 reps


Set Two

  1. Half up - 7 reps
  2. Half down - 7 reps
  3. Full ROM - 7 reps


Set Three

  1. Full ROM - 7 reps
  2. Half Down - 7 reps
  3. Half Up - 7 reps


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