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Have a Better Smile | Affordable Dental Plans

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Who has been to the dentist in the past 6 months? Past year? Five years? Aaron Marino of alpha m. tells a story about when he was a kid and visited the dentist on a regular basis. Upon going to college, he stopped going to the dentist (no insurance) while picking up the bad habit of dipping (smokeless tobacco). Then he developed a fear of the dentist. He avoided the dentist like Spandex. His wife, however, put her foot down and made him appointment. He paid for it out of pocket, and from that point the continued to go to the dentist every 6 months for cleaning and check-ups.

You need to take care of your mouth, gums, and teeth! Your smile is a critical component of the image equation, and more importantly,  a healthy mouth is a critical component to your health. The majority of you are brushing and flossing but visiting a dentist for a check-up and plaque removal is critical. Gum disease is tough to get rid of but you can take care of by going to the dentist on a regular basis.

Alpha gets approached by a ton of companies to promote their products and services. 9 times out of 10 the product or service sucks, but once in awhile, Alpha feels that a company is doing a great job and he wants to share because you can benefit from it. DentalPlans is one of those companies.

DentalPlans simply has you plug in your zip code and whether you are an individual or family. From there, a list is provided with dental plans in your area. The average price is $10 per month - like 2 cups of coffee which is small price to pay for a healthy smile! You pay up front for a year, and the great thing is orthodontic, cosmetic dentistry, and more are included until insurance.

DentalPlans is offering 10% with ALPHAM10 at checkout! This is a perfect opportunity to get dental coverage!

If you are one of these guys who emails Alpha about being self-conscious about your smile or teeth (not as bright as you'd like, not as straight as you'd like, or missing teeth), this is your perfect opportunity.

The idea is to get dental coverage, and DentalPlans has made it even more affordable! Take care of your teeth. There is absolutely no excuse not to love your smile.

Pete and Pedro

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