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Behind the Scenes | Jack Black Video Shoot

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Alpha is taking you behind the scenes on a project. He's doing a test-video for Jack Black's #1 Beard Lube. Aaron Marino of alpha m. is meeting Christian who helped film the IAmAlphaM promo video. See what it takes to film a good video, which the hardest part is the lighting.

Normally, Alpha films all of his videos by himself with a remote control and tripod which the quality is not as good. He even bought a super-sexy razor for the occasion! After seeing some of the clips, the video will be unbelievable. It's officially a wrap! Jack Black provides some of the best men's grooming solutions and men's grooming products on the market.  Jack Black has a wide variety of men's skin care, men's grooming products and men's shaving products. Beard Lube is a pre-shave oil, shave cream and skin conditioner all in one.

Pete and Pedro

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