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Beard and Stubble Softening | Soft Goat, Sorry!

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Does the 5 o'clock shadow give you masculine edge and express your ruggedness? But do loved ones or significant others complain that your masculinity is scratching them? So what do you do? The good news is that a product has been developed to soften your facial fuzz.

The Soft Goat is a product that was designed to soften facial hair. For $15 plus shipping, each box contains three discs. The disc is placed on your fingers. Then use small circles. Alpha feels a difference. It's softer but still prickly. The product does work. You are taking the hard edge off of your edge by sanding your beard.

However, for $3 from Home Depot, Alpha attempts doing the same procedure with 320 grit sandpaper. Alpha is Ghetto Goating! When using the sandpaper, he says it feels about the same and is like exfoliation. In the end, the result is exactly the same! So, you can save money and its versatile!

Soft Goat, in theory, is a great product. In application, sandpaper works just as well. So with prickly and hard stubble, you can either (a) shave it (b) tell them to deal with it (c) use sandpaper.

Pete and Pedro

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