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How to Save Money on Clothes | Bargain and Budget Shopping

Aaron Marino of alpha m. reveals where can you find hidden gems and bargains other than thrift stores. One thing with style and looking good is that you don't have to spend a lot of money.

Thrift stores are great to find outer wear like sport coats and blazers. If they are a little big, take it to the tailor.

Some US stores that have unbelievable bargains and good deals on clothing include JC Penney's. This store has a sport coat and suit section that is phenomenal. The JC Penney's jean section is also worth a look. Another place to check out is Target. The Mossimo brand is inexpensive for tee shirts, flannels, and jeans. Old Navy should be the go-to, once a month store. They have a super discount / sale rack for basic items. Tee shirts and jeans are great finds at Old Navy.

Another little secret of Alpha's are Marshall's and TJ Maxx where they buy in bulk from the manufacturer. You can find some really nice designer stuff in these stores. You have to be in the mood to  hunt and pick through items since the sizes are limited.

The bottom line is that it's worth your time and money to explore some of these stores. You will look great, and you will have saved money!

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