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Bad Boy Style | Choose Your Signature Hairstyle & Facial Hair

Free!  Hair Styles & Facial Hair E-Book
How to Look Like a Bad Boy Even If You Aren't One
Signature Bad Boy Look for Formal Event
Bad Boy Summer Essentials
How to Accessorize Like a Bad Boy
We are men who are responsible, respective, sensitive, and are in touch with our feelings & emotions. We are the guys who fathers want dating their daughters. But unfortunately, we are getting the bad boy, sloppy seconds. Aaron Marino of alpha m. covers how to look like a bad boy from the neck up.

Over the years, the bad boy look has changed which includes the bad boy hairstyle. There are no constraints: super short and tight, puffed and pomped, long and luxurious. The key to finding your bad boy hair style is finding one that compliments your bone structure, hair texture & density, and personal taste.

The age we're living in how is the sky is the limit. It's about individuality. We as a society are embracing uniqueness. When Alpha was in high school, guys looked the same and it was expected. Today, you see people from all walks of life looking totally different. It's so incredible seeing people experiment with style, hair, and grooming as well as embracing their masculinity letting their beards grow in.

It's still a concern finding the perfect hairstyle for you. As a result, Alpha compiled a 20-page free e-book to select the perfect hairstyle for your face shape as well as selecting the best facial hair for your face shape: Hair Styles & Facial Hair It's sponsored by the Pete & Pedro! You will find a hair style you will love and love wearing so you can feel secure in your bad boy self. It all starts with one thing- the quintessential characteristic of all bad boys - confidence!

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