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Back and Bicep Superset | Fast and Furious!

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. is presenting an amazing back and bicep superset that is fast and furious. You will be exhausted by the time it's over.

Back is big muscle group; whereas the biceps are comparably small. Practically every back exercise engages the bicep muscles so you don't have to do that much with the biceps while working your back.The goal is to keep those muscles working. It takes 15 -20 minutes (repeat 4 times), leaving time for cardio.

  1. It all starts with pull-ups. Alpha uses a bar but you can used the assisted pull-up machine. Start with 10 -12 reps. But as you progress through the superset, the reps will be less and less. Give it all you've got.
  2. Right down to seated rows. Start with the weight you normally do but you'll probably have to reduce quickly. Focus on form as demonstrated. Go for 8 -12
  3. Cable bicep curl (easy or straight) with elbows nice and tight to your body. Perform 8 - 12
  4. Straight arm push down which allows the biceps to rest so that you can go right back into pull-ups when finished. Go for 8 - 12
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