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Ask Alpha Style Edition | Tailoring Leather and Big Thighs

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Aaron Marino of alpha m. welcomes you to Ask Alpha Style Edition where he answers viewers style related questions. If you have a style related question, ask Alpha!

Question #1 - Tailoring Leather Jacket

The viewer purchased a faux leather jacket online, and it's too big. Can it be tailored? If the jacket were leather, it could be tailored. However, you can't alter a jacket that is too big across the chest and shoulders. As far as altering polyurethane, Alpha said that screwing it up  would be easy as it rips and tears easily. If you love it, check with the tailor. Another issue is the cologne stains. A rule of thumb is to never spray cologne on your clothes as the oils will stain your clothes.

Where should the viewer go from here? He could cut his losses. Learn from the experience and get a higher quality jacket and / or one that you can try on. Make sure that the online vendor allows for a try on period. Also, do not spray cologne on clothes.

Question #2 - Pants for Big Thighs

The viewer wants to know about pants with roomier fit in the thighs. Alpha said that the classic and relaxed fits have more room in the leg but all over as well. You may have larger thighs, butt, and / or junk, and you have two options: size up then have seat and waist tailored (best option) or get custom pants made (which is a tough option as well as expensive).

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