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Ask Alpha Grooming Edition | Ear Hair and Bushy Brows

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How to Thin Eyebrows | Men's Eyebrow Grooming
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Question #1- How do you navigate the hair around your ear when cutting your own hair?

Aaron Marino of alpha m. says to stay close nice-and-tight to your ear so it doesn't look like it has 'white wall tires'. Alpha demonstrates the ground-breaking technique! It's not complicated. If you're concerned how to cut the stray hairs around your ear, you have no business cutting your own hair. Let the professionals handle it.

Question #2- What should you do if your eye brows are still bushy after going to a professional for a thinning?

Alpha says too many men take grooming eyebrows too far and overdo them. Don't touch the hair above your eye brows. Your eyebrows need supporting hairs. Simply remove the stray hairs below. If you've had them professionally done, they know what looks good. Some dudes have larger eyebrows, and it's okay. They are part of your character! If you start jacking them up, people will notice big-time. Stop. Hang-out and get some more opinions or go back to the salon. Less and more!

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