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Dior Homme Review | Men's Cologne and Fragrance

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Dior Homme
Dior Homme @ Macy's: Exclusive Lunch and Distribution
Burberry Brit Rhythm Review | Men's Cologne and Fragrance
Alpha has found his fragrance soul-mate. Although he's not a cologne expert, he knows what he likes and he knows what he wants. After his last review (see link below), the cologne aficionados were sent into hysteria. People were sending him hate-mail and freaking-out stating it was a 'synthetic mess'.

Now picture this: Alpha was walking through Macy's. On this particular day, no women were spraying fragrance. He saw a table with an unassuming bottle perched on it. The fragrance was Dior Homme and after smelling it, his senses went into over-drive. It has notes of AWESOME, and he was blown-away. Typically, Alpha is stuck on one cologne for like a few years and doesn't spend lavishly. But he went back and spent the bucks for this cologne. He loves it!

Alpha's New Cologne Review: Burberry Brit Rhythm
Alpha's New Cologne Review: Burberry Brit Rhythm
Pete and Pedro

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