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Alpha M. Visits Facility

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Alpha M. Visits Grooming Lounge for the Greatest Shave Ever!
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Aaron Marino of alpha m. is with Mike Gilman, touring's Washington, DC facility. It's a behind-the-scenes about the latest and greatest men's grooming products.

Now it's time to showcase some of the most popular products from Grooming Lounge. The Greatest Shave Ever Kit is the #1 selling item from Grooming Lounge. Alpha loves Pit Boss deodorant and says it's awesome. It's a great all around deodorant for men. The Black Peppercorn Body Wash is fantastic and receives some of the most positive feedback, saying their significant others buy this for them. It smells great too! Balla Powder will keep you fresh, dry, and smelling good- never worry when you are about to get freaky! Here are the links:


Grooming Lounge is about not only products but also educating the consumer. The catalog and website is a resource for your grooming issues. Free samples are also available with every order.

Alpha talks about beards next- how to manage and maintain. If Alpha doesn't wash or condition his beard, he often gets a scaly and flaky chin. Bluebeards Original is a highly recommended for washing out gunk and moisturizing the beard hair, encouraging beard growth:


Alpha talks skin care and is in love with Kiehl's. The Facial Fuel is lightweight and can be used daily. It's invigorating and refreshing:


In regard to hair styling products, Grooming Lounge features one that men are talking about. Some Hair Cream is for guys who want to have style and shape without crunchiness and stickiness. Women can still touch your hair when you use:


In FedEx's truck, Alpha talks about the TLC that Grooming Lounge puts into each of their orders. He also thanks Mr. Gilman for his support and hospitality.

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