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Alpha M. Summer Essentials | Footwear, Shorts, Shirts, Accessories

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How to Remove Yellow Armpit Stains
Alpha's favorite time of year for men's fashion is fall and winter with all of the amazing choices: jeans, boots, sweaters jumpers, chinos, cord, and jackets. But eventually spring and summer come, and you have eventually take it off or you'll sweat your ass off and look ridiculous.

Spring and summer has limited options in terms of style and fashion but it all starts with the fit. Fit sets you apart: better fabric, better fit, and better feel.

Sexy Summer Footwear

  1. simple leather flip flops (subtle and understated black or brown) which work with shorts, jeans, and pants
  2. cool casual sneakers or tennis shoes because you can't exist in flip flops alone and sometimes you want to run around in the summertime. Puma, Chucks, Asics are great options and work with shorts, jeans, or casual cotton pants
  3. great pair leather driving mocs, loafers, or boat shoes are the perfect option for shorts, jeans, and pants. You can dress up shorts or jeans with these.


City, Cut-off, and Camo Shorts

Shorts come in different fits. If you go to J. Crew, Banana Republic, The GAP, and Express, the shorts (i.e. cargo) are more tailored and fitted through the thigh. You want your shorts to fit: you don't want big & baggy because you'll look dumpy with stick legs. You don't want super long (your legs will look short) and super short (you'll look super *something* that you don't want to look like!).

  1. fitted flat-front gray shorts
  2. fitted flat-front khaki shorts
  3. cut-off jean shorts (or khakis / chinos)- the bad boy of shorts!
  4. camo cargo shorts for this 2014 season, but not big heavy ones


Summer Shirts

  1. white v-neck or crew tee shirt - matches with EVERYTHING. Be sure that ones from seasons past don't have yellow pits: How to Remove Yellow Armpit Stains
  2. black v-neck or crew tee shirt
  3. retro-inspired vintage tee
  4. white simple collared button-up shirt- get one with double pockets to prevent nipples from showing through


Summer Accessories

  • Fabric belts
  • Bracelets
  • Straw hats
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