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Alpha M Studio Tour

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Welcome to the new home of alpha m. Image Consulting, Pete & Pedro,, and A. Marino LLC.  For the past 5 years, Alpha has run past this building on the weekends. He always said to himself, "One day... " Now is that day! It's a dream come true!

Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses the feel and design of the studio. He walks viewers through the space, including his office. The office boasts exposed brick. He is still in the process of 'Pete & Pedro-ing' the bathroom space for all branding all the time. The brick shower is a favorite! The studio is set-up with a gray wall and foam sound-proofing. The office area consists of (1) dressing area, (2) Pete & Pedro shipping, (3) Pete & Pedro storage, and (4) M. Apparel shipping. A nice storage area is also featured between the offices.

Pete and Pedro

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