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Alpha M. Project Season 3 {Finale} | Zade S3E5

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Zade for Hire | voice-over actor, actor, dancer, singer, hypnotist [email protected]
It's been a great season! Are you ready for the season finale?In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is picking up Zade who has had some dark spots in his past.

Zade is a voice-over actor, actor, dancer, singer, and hypnotist-- he's an entertainer at his core. It started with his family being artistically inclined. His family has encouraged it and gave him a support structure to explore different areas. He trained so that all of body can entertain, being a versitle entertainer.

A bad break-up caused him a great deal of stress, where he lost approximately 50 pounds in about 2 months. Stress is a killer! He's now looking to be an entertainer full-time to pay his bills. Regardless of what industry you're in, image is important. He's here on the AMP3 regarding his image, which is critical. He needs to make a great 1st impression.

Present Wardrobe Analysis

Zade's hair is long and one-length. It needs to be shortened and textured. His beard needs to be less. Alpha is not loving his shirt, his shorts are too big & too long, and the belt is a train-wreck. He's not as worried about the shoes as his toe nails. The date outfit features black combinations that don't work. The shirt looks tired and old, the jeans could be better, and the shoes are orthopedic looking. The undershirt needs to be fixed too. The suit is not exactly 'suit'. It's actually business casual with a sports coat and slacks. The jacket is gigantic with super long sleeves. The pants are not working nor are the belt and shoes.

The Makeover

Meeting with Stephen at Dyar & Posta, they are looking for a 'Johnny Depp look' keeping some of the length with a cleaned-up beard. Stephen uses a razor on Zade's hair for texture and movement. With chest hair, you need to bring it lower than your collar. The beard looks fantastic, refined and defined. The hair is long and playful. Zade digs it!

They are going for casual cool which he can wear for fun or business. The best bang for the buck is a slip-on loafer since he doesn't dress up all that often. He can wear with suit or dress down with jeans or wear dressy casual with chinos.

Zade never developed a particular style, and whatever Alpha suggests, he's willing to give it a try. The new style will make him look taller and more muscular. They go for slim fit jeans for a thinner leg to make him look taller. They also discuss items for layering.

Zade's New & Improved { Sexy & Sassy } Wardrobe

The first look is Alpha's favorite - casual distressed jeans, fashion sneaks, fabric belt, sporty jacket, and a simple green tee shirt. The next look works so well because everything is working together. It's all about fit and clean simple lines. Chelsea boots, dark wash jeans, and button-up oxford look great on Zade! He looks tall and lean. Next, the suit blows Alpha's mind. He looks sexy with his pulled back hair, tightened-up beard, simply navy suit, cognac shoes, killer tie, and fun pocket square. His last outfit features great chinos, black fashion sneakers, dynamite belt, and simple short sleeved button-up oxford. They didn't use all of his wardrobe budget, so he's going home with $500 check which will help this 'starving artist'.

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Zade's Parting Words

The project was an amazing blessing in Zade's life. It was like being around people who really cared about his evolution, becoming better than he was before. It was an awesome experience with Alpha and Christian. He thanks all who voted for him as well as his parents and family for dealing with his stress. He also thanks his friend Josh who kept poking him to do 'this thing'.

Pete and Pedro

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