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*SEASON PREMIER* Alpha M. Project | Erick S4E1

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In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro received over 1,000 auditions for the Alpha M. Project Season 4. The field was narrowed to 24 and then viewers voted for the favorite top 5! This video is the premier of Season 4, featuring Erick who is 19 years old and was voted for 3xs more than any other contestant.


Erick has dreams of becoming a nurse and to start a home health care business AND to start a foundation for children to have access to school in the Philippines. Alpha welcomes Erick and says he's excited to help. Erick shares his story including the tough times being raised by a single mother. He also spent 4 years in the Philippines where he had a 'wow' moment. He met a child who had nothing-- including no food. He ate salt.

Current Wardrobe

Erick presents the wardrobe he brought along. The 1st outfit needs new shoes & shorts as well as the color pattern. The next outfit features pants that are beyond slim fit - they're tight. The shoes need to be replaced too. The shirt, however, has a great fit. His dress shirt is worn-out and dingy, and the H&M suit is tight. The lapel is super thin, the shoulders are not great, and the pants are a different fabric from the jacket. The tie is bland, and the shoes can be better.

Grooming and Shopping Trip

At Dyar and Posta salon, Morgan takes care of Erick's hair. His present hair is lifeless with a round cut. They are going shorter on sides and back with a gradual taper. The lift on top will make him look incredible. Although he's never used product in the past, that changes today. Thereafter, they go shopping for dressing up and dressing down. Alpha is not going outside of his comfort zone, however. They start with shoes, no-show socks, and cool sneakers. Pants, shirts, jackets, hoodie, jeans, shorts, tee shirts, pull overs, v-neck sweaters, and button-downs are next. The cost was $1,500, and they're sending Erick home with $1,000.

Presenting the New Wardrobe

The 1st outfit features a denim jacket, white tee shirt. fabric belt, green pants, and white Gazelles. The next outfit is Alpha's suit -- the fit is flawless! The shoes are sexy! The 3rd outfit is an incredible summer look, fresh and clean with driving mocs, salmon shorts, fabric belt, and a J. Crew oxford. The last look is casual and relaxed, featuring canvas Vans, dark washed jeans, fabric belt, v-neck sweater, and bomber jacket.

Alpha M. Project Sponsored Gear


It's a Wrap!

Erick is a different dude now. He's no longer timid and shy. He said the experience was awesome. He said that you are judged in a split second with how you look, and with this goals that he has, he now looks the part that he wants to play. He thanks everyone who contributed to the Alpha M. Project.

Pete and Pedro

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