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Aaron Marino' New Vlogging Camera Setup & Review

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How Aaron Marino Makes YouTube Videos | Behind the Scenes of an Alpha M. Video
Canon M6
Rode Mic
Mounting Bracket
In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarinoPete & Pedro, and Fashion Anchor talking about his videos and how he films them. He has been using a Canon G20, but he's been looking for a more compact and easier way to VLOG.  He's been experimenting and looking around- and recently bought a new set-up.

He settled on a Canon M6.

The Canon M6 is small and compact with a viewing screen. The viewing screen is important to make sure you're in focus and catching all you want to catch. He also wanted an external mic jack which this camera has. He was excited to learn this new set-up but was bummed out when he realized that the Rode blocked his screen. He still likes the size and the quality.  So, he bought a little adapter (he demonstrates) so that screen isn't blocked. He gets the benefit of the external mic and also to see himself.

The picture looks great - do you dig it?

The audio is not clear, because he has an external mic. His studio is also getting updated since Pete & Pedro is now in a new warehouse. He's using the extra rooms for his 'dream studio'.

Pete and Pedro

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