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Watch Alpha M on Fear Factor! Air Date 11/10/2003

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Aaron Marino on Fear Factor! Season 4 Episode 9
In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro discusses how he's been on ABC's Shark Tank twice, VH1's Glam God with Vivica A. Fox, and NBC's Fear Factor.

Aaron Marino on Fear Factor

Alpha was on Fear Factor in 2003, and he has it on VHS tape! 3 guys, 3 girls, 3 stunts - the winner gets $50K. He, however, found his Fear Factor episode online! He's buff and tan with over-arched eyebrows. This episode has been sold and syndicated, and with each showing, Alpha continues to look like a puss.

First Stunt | Body Bag Underwater

He describes how he went to California and how he was blindfolded to the 1st stunt. Joe's at the tank and explains the stunt with a body bag, handcuffs, and a key on a string. Alpha thought he could do it, but he didn't realize that the plastic bag shrink wraps you underwater. He was told to not wait until you are totally out of air, because they need 5-10 seconds to get you up. But how do you know when that exactly is? And since he was nervous, he wasn't able to hold his breath as long as normal. Compound all of this with his asthma, he had a tough time. Everyone but ONE guy was eliminated so everyone was brought back.

Second Stunt | Sorting Bugs Upside-Down

The next stunt entails sorting bugs (millipedes and cockroaches) while suspended upside down from the ceiling. Alpha was kicking the other's guy's ass but couldn't get any more bugs since they were all gone from previous winners.

Elimination and Returning Home

He lost because he couldn't transfer enough bugs. He left with millipede leg cuts in his mouth and cockroach bites on his lips. Ew! The next day, he went home. It sucked! He was so depressed and bummed! He couldn't tell anyone until it aired. It was so heartbreaking after all of the build-up.

Pete and Pedro

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