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Pros and Cons of Tattoos | Getting Ink

Tattoo Tactics | Should I Get a Tattoo?
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Tattoo Removal
Professional male style expert and image consultant, Aaron Marino, talks about the pros and cons with getting a tattoo.  Tattoos are a great way to get noticed but is it for the right reason?

This video is not for the hardcore tattoos guys with appendages and chest covered. This video is for those who like the idea of tattoos and don't have one or may have 1 or 2. Alpha shares his story about his tattoos (moon and bumblebee).

Generally speaking, Alpha is a fan of tattoos. If you know what you want, perhaps designed it yourself, and really put some thought into it, go for it. But if it's an impulse, slam on the brakes. Wait a month-- then wait another two months-- if after six months, go ahead and get it.

Don't get a tattoo on your neck, hands, face, and lower back (tramp stamp). With the neck / hands / face, your job opportunities will be decreased. Tramp stamps on men makes them look like a douche.

Past Topics

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Get Six Pack Abs | Great Stomach Muscles Guaranteed!  -
July 30, 2010
Professional male image consultant, Aaron Marino, talks about how he keeps his abs looking good.  Alpha will tell you the secret to having a six pack all the time. He's bringing sexy back! How to Keep Your Stomach Flat First, Alpha takes you to the gym to demonstrate the #1 exercise that keeps his abs showing. CARDIO! Everyone has abs. It's just a matter of getting your body fat low enough to seeRead More»
Coloring Men's Hair | Covering Gray Hair -
July 23, 2010
Professional male image consultant and style expert, Aaron Marino, talks about the options to cover gray as well as how to dye hair to look great and natural. There are two reasons to color hair: cover gray hair or to have fun. Experimenting with Hair Color You can completely change you hair color, because you can always change the color back. What do you have to lose? You can also add highlights,Read More»
Summer Accessories for Men | BrighterMan -
June 25, 2010
BrighterMan Men's Accessories Professional male image expert, Aaron Marino, talks about his favorite men's summer accessories. So, what do you think? Do you like Alpha's summer scarf? You want to look great even though it's hot outside. Do it with accessories! It's harder in the summer because the temperatures are hotter and you can't layer. The options are more abundant in spring, fall, and winteRead More»
Cure Baldness | Stop Hair Loss Permanently -
June 9, 2010
Male Pattern Baldness | Simple Natural Solution Professional male image expert, Aaron Marino, talks about a very sensitive topic to most men- going bald.  Alpha discusses hair loss prevention and cures because going bald is a hard thing and doesn't have to be. His opinion is that erectile dysfunction and hair loss are the two scariest things that can happen to a man. 90% of men will experience soRead More»

The Importance and Types of Men's Underwear | Men's Briefs -
June 4, 2010
Professional male image expert Aaron Marino talks about the importance of men's underwear.  Aaron discusses the different types of underwear as well as the pro's and con's associated with the different types of underwear. Your underwear is an extension of your outer wardrobe. You want them to look as good as well. Starting at 2:05 Alpha discusses 4 types of underwear: tighty whities, bikini briefRead More»
How to Cut Your Own Hair | Short Hair Cut -
May 15, 2010
Wahl Styler 19-Piece Complete Haircutting Kit Professional male image expert and stylist, Aaron Marino, shows you how to cut your own hair. Alpha demonstrates how he cuts his hair and what tools you will need in order to do it yourself. Alpha is going to cut his own hair, and he's taking you along. He can do his cut by himself. It's more of how you style your hair rather than the cut. Tools neededRead More»
Summer Styles and Trends | V-Neck Tee Shirts -
April 30, 2010
Professional male style expert and men's image professional, Aaron Marino, talks about his favorite summer fashion trend.  The v-neck tee shirt is not only classic and timeless, and it is stylish as well. You need a v-neck tee shirt in your warm weather wardrobe. V-necks are tee shirts with attitude. Don't be afraid to wear color. The way Alpha sees it, there are three types of v-necks. StandardRead More»
To Tuck or Not To Tuck? | Men's Shirts  -
January 31, 2010
Professional male image consultant and stylist, Aaron Marino, helps answer the age old question: tuck or untuck a shirt? What shirts can you untuck? When is untucking appropriate? Alpha's pet peeve is seeing a dress shirt that is way too long and untucked. There are three types of button-shirts: casual, dress shirts, and in-between shirts. Casual- you would never wear with a tie. They are not intRead More»
Buy the Perfect Fitting Dress Shirt | Men's Dress Shirt Fit -
December 29, 2009
Professional male style expert and image consultant, Aaron Marino, talks about how to buy the perfect fitting shirt. Regardless of your body shape, fitted shirts look best on most everybody due to less fabric in the body of shirt. You look taller and leaner. Here's how to buy the perfect fitting shirt: When you are buying a dress shirt, there are two measurements that really matter: neck and arm lRead More»

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