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The ULTIMATE 5 Minute Men's Grooming Routine | Tips and Tricks to Groom FAST!

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The line between well groomed and filthy animal is a thin one. Excuses for not grooming usually include not having time. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaMAaronMarinoPete & Pedro , and Fashion Anchor is presenting the ultimate 5 minute grooming routine.  Alpha uses this 5 minute routine himself!

The Tools You Need Are ...

Small comb, small scissors, tweezers, nose hair trimmer, grooming tool, hand-held mirror, and an amazing razor. Alpha prefers the Dollar Shave Club razors because of the sharp blades and low prices from cutting out the middle-man (a few dollars a month!). Try them out with the Shit, Shower, and Shave Kit for $5! You'll get 4 super quality razors, Executive Handle, sample of their incredible body wash, sample of Dr. Carver Shave Butter, and sample of One Wipe Charlie's. Use the special Alpha M. link.

Pick a Day and Keep a Routine

Alpha recommends Sunday evening to prepare for the week. The 5-minute routine includes:

  • Grab a hand-held mirror, and start at the brows. Clean up the unibrow and underside of the brow as well as cut 'old man' eyebrow hairs.
  • Next, use the nose hair trimmer to take care of your ears.
  • Move to the nose.
  • Trimming and edging the beard follows, where Alpha keeps his at 6mm.
  • Then it's time to shave which Alpha uses shave butter. He shaves up on the cheek after he determines the angle and then shaves his neck.


What takes a long time is when you put it off, and you have to tend with a straggly and looking like a savage. You have to sort things out at that point. If you dedicate a day and have a routine, it's quick and easy. Start with the brows and work your way down - you'll always look sharp!

Pete and Pedro

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