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A Day in the Life of Alpha M. | Trip to Chicago & Tiege Hanley HQ

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A Day in the Life of Alpha M. | 24 Hours with Aaron Marino
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In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro is in the Atlanta airport. He's heading to Chicago to visit to Tiege Hanley HQ and is bringing you along.

Surprise, Zach!

Kelley and Alpha are heading to Tiege Hanley HQ for a tour and dinner. But before they do. they're checking out some new shades. Alpha loves sunglasses just as much as double monks, Tiege Hanley, and watches -- and his buddy Zach owns a super high-end store (Glasses LTD) in Chicago. Alpha goes over some of the brands and selections as well as gets some interesting info from Zach. He ends up purchasing a new pair of Tom Brown shades. If you visit, say 'Alpha sent you'!

Tiege Hanley HQs

Alpha discusses the packing and shipping process. Inventory is low - 15 pallets are on their way with another shipment in the works. The growth has been so fast that inventory is hard to guage. Compound the fast growth, the lead time adds complications. Tom and Anthony are introduced as well. Later, the picture wall of the monumental Tiege Hanley accomplishments is displayed. Customer quotes are also exhibited which chokes up Alpha. The customers are why Tiege Hanley kicks ass.

Meme Monster

Kelley discusses how there's a family of people following Tiege Hanley. All of the comments and memes are so fun and spectacular. And the company is about you, the customer. Alpha is thankful for the business partners as well.

Rob Arrives! Meetings, The Thompson, and Dinner

The meeting has been productive - 3 hours in and Alpha is exhausted. They are dealing with projections, numbers, and plans. They are excited to execute. Rob is training the guys for customer service. After meetings and training ended, they head to Alpha's hotel and have dinner. The view from Alpha's room is spectacular.

Good Morning Chicago!

Dinner at Nico Osteria was awesome - great Northern Italian food. Alpha hits the airport early and is catching up on work. He's been thinking how crazy life is and how it can all change in a short period time. Alpha's gone from a beer cart driver to taking a business trip like this in just a short 8 years.

Pete and Pedro

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