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Pete and Pedro Condition XL

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P&P Condition XL 32 ounces is the ultimate nourishing conditioner with a touch of peppermint oil.
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P&P Condition XL 32 ounces is the ultimate nourishing conditioner with a touch of peppermint oil.

How It Works: This conditioner is packed with nutrients that restore life to dry and damaged hair. Peppermint oil gives the scalp a cool, soothing and relaxing feeling, while adding shine and manageability to hair; never making it feel heavy.

How It Smells: AMAZING (AMAZING = mild mint)

How to Use: Apply to CLEAN wet hair, rinse and enjoy your bueno hair!

Do Men Need to Condition?: In a word… YES!

Condition restores the nutrients and natural oils in hair that shampoo washes away. To keep hair healthy, shiny and smooth, always use conditioner after shampooing, which helps prevent hair from drying out. Condition also helps restore hair’s natural PH level, which is vital to your hair’s health!

Size: 8oz 


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