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Pete and Pedro Power Pomade

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Power Pomade was designed to give any hair type or texture SUPER HIGH hold, SUPER HIGH shine, and SUPER HIGH control.
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Product Description


P&P Power Pomade was designed to give any hair type or texture SUPER HIGH hold, SUPER HIGH shine, and SUPER HIGH control. And if bueno looking hair isn’t reason enough to pick up a can, the fact that we have designed it to be great for your hair should pretty much seal-the-deal. The P&P Power Pomade is infused with beneficial oils and extracts like peppermint, ginseng, and aloe. The result? Bueno hair inside and out!

How It Holds: Super strong hold, super high shine, great for short and medium hair length

How It Smells: Zero scent… just super hold!

How to Use: Open can, remove small dime size amount, place in palm, and vigorously rub hands together. Work into damp or dry hair and style. Use more if you need to. Rock-n-roll!

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