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Men's Monogram Signet Ring (You Pick Letter)

MSRP: $225.00

Product code: 214

Availability: In stock

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Each Men's Monogram Signet Ring by Nobles Metales is hand crafted of sterling silver (925) by Andres Cardenas in his studio in Marietta Georgia with an approximate weight of 16grams. Note your size and letter on order form. You pick the letter you want (first name, last name, grandmothers name... up to you).

PLEASE NOTE: orders will ship within 4 weeks.
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Product Description


Simple elegance in this Sterling Silver Men's Monogram Signet Ring by M. Accessories. The clean lines of the ring give it a strikingly powerful look. This ring will be your signature piece and favorite accessory! Each ring is hand crafted of sterling silver (925) by Andres Cardenas in his studio in Marietta Georgia.

Approx weight 16gr

Turn Around: Your ring is made to order and will ship within 4 weeks.  We know it will be tough but please be patient... it will be worth the wait!

Size: Pick the finger you are wanting to wear it on, go to a local jewelry store and ask the associate to help you find your ring size (this is the best option). You can also use the chart as a reference but this is much less accurate. Include size in note section of order form.

Customize: Please include the desired letter in the note section of order form (please note that there is a "." placed after letter for extra style points! Also note that a capital letter is available but an upcharge of $25 will be applied for a capital letter. An invoice will be issued for the capitalization fee.

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