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Foster Weld Grill Buckle With Brown Distressed Belt

MSRP: $45.00

Product code: 107

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The The Grill Buckle With Brown Distressed Belt features a white main color with an orange accent row coated with an automotive gloss to prevent rust.

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MSRP: $45.00

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Product Description


Better than a row of gold teeth. The main color for this buckle is white with an orange accent row.  We’ll coat the whole thing in an automotive gloss to prevent rust. This rectangular buckle measures 3.5 x 2.15 inches, and will fit on any snap belt.
** Each buckle is made in a small batch out of mild steel, is hand-bent, hand-stamped, welded, painted, hand-distressed, bold beveled edges made with a grinder and finished with an automotive clear coat to keep this puppy shining for the long haul. Each buckle is handmade in Boise Idaho, USA using local metals and a variety of welders, grinders, drill bits and hammers to create the unique designs you see on our buckles.

We like playing with metal. And since it's so much fun, we decided we had to share. Let us compliment your style and your surroundings by making original metal art that you can’t find anywhere else. No two pieces are exactly the same, because each is handmade and individually crafted.

Please buy the belt size that is the SAME size as the waist of your jeans:

  • XS 28" Denim Waist
  • S 30" Denim Waist
  • M 32" Denim Waist
  • L 34" Denim Waist
  • XL 36" Denim Waist
  • XXL 38" Denim Waist
  • XXXL 40" Denim Waist

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