Manscaping | How to Manage Butt Hair

August 13, 2013
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Alpha will talk about anything to help a brother out, including a recent email about how to manage butt crack hair. Aaron Marino of alpha m. discusses how to manage butt hair and emphasizes that you should never subject your butt cheeks to a Bic razor like the email addressed.

Alpha talks about ingrown hairs resulting from butt shaving with a razor. Rashes and ingrown hairs are unpleasant. So, how do you remove this hair without the agony of growing back uncomfortably?

Shaving is not an option. Waxing (Brazilian) is painful but it ends up removing the hair longer. The better and preferred option is clipping with a facial hair grooming tool without attachment or hair clippers. Stand in the shower or tub. Alpha describes the process including how not to tender areas.



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