How to Get Bigger Arms FAST {30 Day Plan}

June 16, 2021
There are genetic limitations to the size your arm can become. But you can make your arms look better with these tips and tricks — some are almost instant. Do these things consistently to make whatever your guns you have bigger than they actually are.

How to get BIGGER GUNS

Work your triceps and biceps twice a week (nonconsecutive days) — your tricep makes up 2/3 the size of your arm so if you focus on it, you can make your arm visually bigger. Do three to four exercises for your triceps and biceps. Find a plan that you love doing and get you pumped.
  • Biceps: straight bar curls, easy curl bars, alternative dumbbell curls, hammer curls.
  • Triceps:  push downs with rope or bar, tricep dips, skull crushers, tricep kickbacks (vary to hit different areas of triceps).
Reduce your body fat — arms look bigger when they aren’t chubby. Increase definition and vascularity. You can’t just depend on a regular scale. Skin fold calipers are excellent but typically people don’t know how to use them.
  • Use the Digital Body Analyzer Scale. It measures lean muscle mass, body fat, water weight, and body weight. You can tell what’s going on with your body, and you can stay motivated. Get over 60% off the Digital Body Analyzer Scale use code ALPHAFIT
  • Calories in versus calories out is the secret to losing body fat — reduce calories you’re consuming as well as burning calories through cardio. Burn 500 calories a day to burn one pound of fat a week (3,500 calorie deficit).
Make your veins show — reduce body fat, increase water consumption (to reduce water retention), and stop eating processed fat. Chase the pump (high reps with lower rest time) is recommended. But don’t do blood flow restriction training.
Shave your arms — if you remove the hair on your arms, your arms will look more defined.
Upgrade your sleeves — your sleeves should not cover your triceps. Expose the triceps (just above the meat of your tricep), which is the largest part of your arm.
Hydrate with moisturizer — your hydrated arms look bigger because the light will pop back, making your arms look more vascular and defined.
Get a bit of color — get a little color (wearing an SPF 45) to make your arms look bigger. Think about the tan bodybuilders: the darker the skin, the more defined you look.
Experiment with natural supplements — L-Arginine (amino acid that increases blood flow) and L-Citrulline (helps with blood flow). Big Al will be stronger too.

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