How to Get a MORE Muscular & Defined Chest FAST! {PERFECT PECS}

March 28, 2022
Are you ready to work out? I am at LA Fitness, ready to hit my workout. Afterward, I want to discuss how to build a strong, sexy defined chest. It’s almost summer, and I don’t want you to be embarrassed to take your shirt off. It’s all about burning fat. You need all three components (strength training, cardio, diet) to get these perfect pecs. There’s no excuse for you to be sloppy fat this summer.

First off is my workout in the gym. I am doing the Push Workout on the app Alpha Progression. It’s the best app I’ve found to help you progress and push through. Thereafter, I do cardio by going for a run, and then I eat breakfast. I like to run, but most people hate running. You can do StairMaster, walk, or bike — you just have to burn that body fat. As far as eating, I follow the Alpha M. Diet Plan. The leaner you are, the more muscular you will look. It’s better to look lean, strong, and sexy as opposed to big, meaty, and chubby.

How to build to bigger + better muscles

  1. Progressive overload — continually challenging your muscles, which I describe in the video.
  2. Diet — it’s unbelievably important. You can workout, but if you eat like sh!t, you won’t see the results. Follow the Alpha M. Diet Plan and my protein consumption formula.
  3. Cardio —  it burns body fat, which you can do with a caloric deficit (eat less and do cardio every single day). You can do steady state, HIIT, or just move your ass.


Featured video

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