Gym and Fitness Center Etiquette

March 26, 2014
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You’re working out. Congratulations! An important aspect that is important to your success in your gym and fitness center is your etiquette. Some of these points are common sense but for those of you who are new, Aaron Marino of alpha m. goes over pet-peeves and tips.

When you’re at the gym, be courteous and considerate as well as have fun:

  • Do not slam your weights- if you can’t control those weights, they’re too heavy!
  • Put your weights away when you’re done using them.
  • Don’t scream or be crazy yellin’.
  • Don’t hog the equipment. When you’re done with a set, don’t just sit there. *Working-in* is code word for sharing.
  • Dress appropriately- don’t wear jeans because the rivets can scrape, cut, and tear the vinyl on the equipment. Your shoes should be clean- don’t track dirt onto the carpet.
  • Cardio equipment should be wiped-up after usage.
  • When are cardio equipment, limit the phone use but if you must, use a respectable tone.
  • Wear deodorant as it’s standard in our culture. And dont’ overdo your cologne.

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