10 Powerful First Impression Tricks to Be Unforgettable {Even if You’re Shy}!

April 4, 2022
Some people you meet are forgotten before you’re even finished talking with them. But then, other people that you barely have an interaction with make an amazing and lasting impression. That being said, I am going over a few powerful ‘first impression’ tips to help you be unforgettable.

Men who are memorable do this…

  1. Make eye contact — make eye contact for three seconds then break, gaze, and go back, but don’t stare too hard or stare at her boobs.  By using the three second rotation, you look like you’re interested and actively listening without being a stalker. If you are shy and have difficulty making eye contact, look at their forehead instead.
  2. Give compliments — (a) it feels amazing to get one, and (b) it’s hard not to like those who give compliments. But don’t give compliments about her butt, body, or boobs. You can compliment something she’s wearing, however. When it comes to a dude, don’t look creepy. Give compliments about watches, shirts, hair, and cars. Fragrance can also be complimented.
  3. Smell amazing — scent is an incredibly powerful non-verbal communication tool that can leave a lasting impression.
  4. Have a great handshake — it’s all about timing. Don’t get dominated. Go in, meet, and be firm without being aggressive (one, two, three, out). If you want to take it to the next level, do the ‘double handshake,’ which is a game-changer for first impressions.
  5. Don’t fear touching someone — touch softly on the arm or shoulder as a light and subtle touch is powerful.
  6. Speak without filler words — you seem unsure and not confident with filler words. Learn to think on your feet and also leave a conversation on a high-point.
  7. Remember people’s names — it’s difficult but there are tricks such as association.
  8. Be an active listener — with body language, you let them know you’re engaged (eye contact, touching, nodding).
  9. Put your phone away — this is one of the biggest social mistakes. It’s okay to unplug for conversations.
  10. Ask better questions — take small talk beyond surface level by asking interesting questions that tap into something emotional.

Smell amazing and get compliments!

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