7 Everyday Male Insecurities That are 100% FIXABLE!

September 12, 2022
One of the most prominent misconceptions men have is that you don’t have insecurities if you’re confident. The truth is that even most confident men have issues they are a bit weird or insecure about. I will review some of men’s most typical insecurities and teach how to fix them.

Get over these common confidence killers

  1. Height (shorter than average) is one of the biggest confidence killers, and it breaks my heart because I meet so many amazing men who treat height like a handicap or deformity. There’s nothing wrong with being shorter than average. But you can maximize your perceived visual height with boots which will give you an extra 2 inches. You can also dress in monochromatic clothes with a dark top and dark bottom to elongate your physique. Instead of having a round and soft hairstyle, go with a style with a bit more height. And if you are overweight, lose weight.
  2. If you or somebody who feels weird about taking your shirt off or getting naked with the lights on, you have to fix it because life is way too short not to walk around your house naked. You can absolutely control this with some discipline. Nothing will change your life like being confident and happy with your physique. Some tips and tricks for aesthetics, remove or reduce body hair to make you look cleaner. You can also get a spray tan and drink a gallon of lemon water daily to wash out the subcutaneous water.
  3. If you’re not happy with your face, grow some facial hair. Women have makeup, and men can grow facial hair. Facial hair will also help strengthen your jaw and balance your face. Facial hair keeps people’s attention on your eyes if you are experiencing hair loss.
  4. Hair loss is one of men’s biggest, if not biggest confidence killers. Men feel insecure when they start to lose their hair, but it’s totally treatable with Bosley. Whether or not you’re completely bald or just beginning to lose, Bosley has a solution at any stage of hair loss. Don’t wait any longer, or try to cover it up.
  5. Big Al’s size is the next insecurity. 80% of women don’t care about the size of Big Al as long as that bad boy works. You don’t need to be 27 inches of twisted seal steel and sex appeal, but you can maximize Big Al’s perceived girth and dimension. Manscape and trim the bush to make Big Al look bigger. Lose fat to make Big Al look more prominent as well. You can also take L-Arginine, a natural amino acid to improve nitric oxide action and make Big Al stronger.
  6. Relationship anxiety is another insecurity that men face. Relationship insecurity can manifest in many unhealthy ways, making your relationship worse and possibly end. If you don’t trust the person you’re with, you need to figure out why you are insecure. Is she giving you a reason? Be present, and do not worry about things you cannot control. The cheater is a cheater. If they’re going to cheat, they’re going to cheat.
  7. We see a lot of people on social media killing it. The truth is we are not seeing the complete picture. What you can work on and what you can focus on is yourself and your financial situation. Live below your means, set a budget, develop a side hustle or invest. Be wary of spending thousands of dollars on seminars/courses that claim to teach you how when all of the information can be found online for free. Do Google searches and research but don’t give them any money. Work hard and find a career that you love. Go after your dream!

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