25 EDC Items All Men Should Own in 2022! | Aaron’s Auto Everyday Carry

October 28, 2022
If you have a dead battery, I’m not the guy you want to be around because I don’t have jumper cables in my car. But if you’re the dude with nose hairs, you definitely want to be rolling with me because I have you covered. Today I want to go over automobile EDC items I carry in my car daily and discuss why I travel with them.

Some of these items are a little bit weird, but all are incredibly practical. Remember, you’re not going to use them all the time, but when you need them, you’re going to be glad you have them. They’ll help you feel and look good and help you be ready for action at any time.

Alpha’s Car EDC

  • Center console: gum, notepad + pen, $25 in small bills & quarters (make sure to replenish), extra pair of shades, extra pair of eyewear, tissues, Vaseline (not waxy Chapstick, so it doesn’t melt in hot weather), acetaminophen, asthma inhaler.
  • Glove box: my auto survival kit with grooming essentials, including travel-sized hair putty, travel-sized deodorant, nose hair trimmer (nose hairs are the grossest!), tweezers, Wet Ones, nail clippers, pocket knife (cutting objects + self-defense), moisturizer, travel sprayer of fragrance, toothbrush + toothpaste.
  • General: small flashlight, small umbrella.
  • Trunk: bin containing running shoes + socks, light jacket, gloves, and First Aid Kit.


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