12 Things Guys Do That Girls HATE!

March 20, 2023
  1. So they’re back! The super sassy hair styling sirens from Salon Posta are back to answer a question regarding what are relationship deal breakers — as in relationship killers or deal breakers.

Relationship killers

  1. Getting too drunk. Getting sloppy drunk, especially when first meeting somebody, is an absolute deal breaker.
  2. Talking about your poop. Talking about your long or big poop is not something she wants to hear.
  3. Sending dick pics. These are definitely a no-go. 
  4. Expecting her to pay. If you ask somebody out, you should be paying (especially true for the first date). Once you get into a relationship, you may talk about splitting the bill. And if you can’t afford to pay, you need to focus on getting a job instead of going out on a date.
  5. Being rude to service people. This is a done-deal moment. This goes for women as well. If you’re out on a date with a woman (it doesn’t matter how hot she is), if she’s rude, you need to get rid of her as she’s a horrible person.
  6. Not taking care of yourself. For men that are not concerned about their appearances, whether hair, teeth, or skin, it’s a deal-breaker. Take pride in your appearance. Adopt a basic skincare routine with the help of Tiege Hanley.
  7. Forgetting special occasions. Remember special dates by plugging them into your calendar and setting reminders. You don’t ever want to miss these.
  8. Leaving out ex-girlfriend’s things. If you have all of your ex-girlfriend’s stuff still on display, she doesn’t want to see that. Once a relationship is over, put all the things away.
  9. Not being a gentleman. A man should be chivalrous. She wants you to be a gentleman, and she also wants you to compliment her.
  10. Being too pushy. She does want you to make plans, but she doesn’t want you to be disrespectful.
  11. Disrespecting your mother. You can’t be rude to your mother or also, on the other hand, be a mama’s boy.
  12. Not communicating. If you’re sitting there thinking and saying nothing, you must tell her what you feel and express what’s inside. Let her know what’s going on.
  13. Giving crappy responses. If she expresses herself, and you respond like you’re talking to one of your bros, she’ll not be receptive.

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