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March 14, 2023
I’m Aaron Marino, and most of you know me from the Alpha M YouTube channel with 6.7 million subscribers. Over the past 14 years, I’ve done many videos about men’s style, grooming, and lifestyle, but my true passion is entrepreneurship.

The start of my business journey

My entrepreneurial journey started when I was 11 years old. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to own a fitness center. So, I went to college and earned a degree in Business Management. Then, I moved to Atlanta to pursue my fitness dreams and goals.

I opened up a chain of nutrition stores but left that business for numerous reasons. After I left, I went into business with one of the people I helped lose 100 lbs. We opened a personal fitness training studio that failed, but I learned a tremendous amount about business and myself.

From being at my lowest to a big change

This was the lowest part of my life. I filed for bankruptcy, being $500,000 in debt. I didn’t know my next move because my hopes and dreams surrounded the fitness center. This is where I learned sometimes success doesn’t look like what you hope or expect.

In 2006, a gift of a video camera changed my trajectory. I started a new business being an image consultant for men. Guys began flying in from around the world. Then in 2008, I started posting YouTube videos. This changed my life.

Serial entrepreneurship + some failures

I created the Alpha M Style System and got on Shark Tank. I didn’t get a deal but realized I needed a new product. So, Pete & Pedro was born 10 years ago for $3,000 of inventory. I ended up on Shark Tank again and was offered a deal this time — but for Alpha M instead of Pete and Pedro, which is not what I needed.

Then six years ago, I started Tiege Hanley with two partners. It’s my largest business, based in Chicago. But the best thing about entrepreneurship is doing it with the people you love. I started an advertising agency, MENfluential Media, with my best friend. We now represent hundreds of the world’s biggest influencers.

This channel will address money: how I invest in my businesses or start new businesses, as well as in real estate. This brings me to my next company, Salon Posta. I purchased this old church from 1848 that was dilapidated. I restored it and partnered/invested in a hair salon with my friend Stephen Posta.

I’ve also had my share of failures, such as ENEMY, Stubble Buddy, and many more. My goal is for you to learn from me. I’m not the smartest or the most successful, but I am a hustler and work hard. If you work hard, anything is possible!

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