99.9% of ALL Women Are TURNED-ON If You Do “THIS”!

March 23, 2022
What I have that you don’t have is a plethora of super-sassy, spicy hair-styling sirens from Salon Posta to answer questions about what makes her thirsty about him! Specifically, what can a guy wear or do to turn her on.

Game over SEXINESS!

  1. Ruggedness — beards, plaid shirts, boots.
  2. Chivalry is not dead — be a gentleman.
  3. Tattoos — bad boy, for sure.
  4. Confident — but sweet. Confident men carry themselves a certain way.
  5. Piercings — edginess that makes him not a ‘pretty boy.’
  6. Style — badass shades, clothes that fit well (even kilts).
  7. Smells good — if you smell sexy, it’s a turn-on. And REBEL from Pete & Pedro is a winner!
  8. Successful — can’t be a bum!
  9. Plays sports — especially baseball (baseball pants are hot).
  10. Veins — vascular arms, namely forearms. Supplement with L-Arginine.

Pete & Pedro


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