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4 Ways to Wear Chinos | How to Style Men's Chino Pants

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A chino is a casual cotton pants. The chino is an incredibly versatile option which works great with a lot of options. You can dress it up and down but it's not appropriate for business casual. Aaron Marino of alpha m. advises a khaki pant for business casual in the office.

Styling the Chino

Each look features the same slim fit chino from The GAP. Alpha discusses each look as well as alternative items for each look.

  1. Casual summer day - pants cuffed, leather flip flops, summer belt, white v-neck shirt; Polo and fashion sneaks as alternatives
  2. Dressed-up casual - different belt, canvas or Chuck Taylor sneakers, fitted button-down blue oxford
  3. Fall look - leather chukkas or desert boots, simple navy v-neck
  4. Denim shirt - monk straps with matching belt and tie; remove tie and go casual

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