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Tips for Dealing with Relationship Insecurity | Dating Advice

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How to Break Up Like a Man | Dating Advice
Insecurities. We all have them whether physical, finances, material, or other. Regardless, nothing can kill a potentially great situation than relationship insecurity. We all have insecurities but managing them is a key component for a happy, healthy, and successful relationship. Aaron Marino of alpha m. presents ten tips to overcome relationship insecurity.
  1. Don't judge your current relationship based on past relationship - don't make the current pay for the deeds of the past.
  2. Don't confusion imagination with reality - don't read into everything. The best way to squash this is to encourage open and honest conversations from the beginning, when things are 'good'. Don't let your mind play tricks on you!
  3. Stop trying to mind read
  4. Once you ask, don't keep asking! - once you're there, the relationship is over from the persistent pestering.
  5. Your relationship needs room to breathe - if you are constantly standing over top of the relationship, you'll smother it. You need to have your own things going on including outside interests and friends. You are individuals that came together.
  6. Relationships aren't always roses and puppies - the new relationship is like walking on air. It doesn't last, however. You can't maintain that level of emotional intensity. You'll have ebbs and flows. Don't bail on the 1st sign of trouble! Keep nurturing and working, and it'll work itself out if it's supposed to.
  7. Do not snoop! - if you reach that point, you'll never stop because you'll never trust them! You can misread something and turn it into a situation.
  8. Go with your gut (instincts)
  9. You are responsible for your happiness and only your happiness.
  10. Relationships are supposed to feel good where you feel better when you're with this person.

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